Welcome to Block Assets – a resource for your test website

How to use this site

This website contains pages for every (or most) blocks that exist for the Gutenberg Block Editor. Run an export of this site and import the file into your test site to populate it with all the content you need for supporting and testing blocks.

The most recent page updates are listed in the sidebar to quickly see the latest additions or changes to this site.

For internal use only

This is not intended to be shared with users. This is designed to be an ever growing, internal collection of assets to pre-populate test websites.

Please do not use THIS website for testing. Instead, import this to your own test site before making changes

Anyone can update this site

This is a living document created for and maintained by Happiness Engineers. As new blocks are created, new block pages can be added to this website.

Follow these steps to add a new block page

  1. Check first to see if there is already a page for the new block
  2. Create a new page and add a title that corresponds to the block name
  3. Add the block to the new page and publish it
  4. Add the page link to the appropriate menu section

Notes / Links
Original Planning Spreadsheet
Master List of Block Support Pages

About this project
This website was a Meetup Project originally launched from New Orleans, Louisiana by team Griswold.

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